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More Great Childcare

Posted by Dawn Heaps on Thursday, February 21, 2013,
The current government recently released their proposals to improve childcare and reduce costs to parents in 'More Great Childcare'. Although the principals behind these proposals are honourable, the actual means by which the government plan to implement them are highly flawed and do not appear to be fit for purpose.

The plan to increase the ratios of childcare staff to children, by allowing more children to staff as long as they can demonstrate a certain level of qualification, does not provi...
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About Me

I have a BA in Early Years. I also hold two professional degrees from my previous careers in Careers Guidance and Radiography. I do have Maths and English at 'O' Level Grade C - not that this better enables me to educate children but it is what the government seems to hold dear. I am an active member of the PACEY, a Lead Child Minder for Wigan Local Authority (supporting other child minders) and am accreditted on my local network to offer the early years entitlement. I love to learn and find it difficult to stop myself from taking on training and further education. But I hope my love of learning is passed on to all the children in my care as well as to my own daughter.