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Hot Weather Plan!!

Posted by Dawn Heaps on Saturday, July 20, 2013,

Hi all,

Whilst we are all thankful that we seem to be getting a warm summer this year, the current high temperatures do mean we have to be extra careful and aware of safety in the sun.

At Little Rays we take the safety and well being of the children very seriously, as such we are implementing our summer safety policy with advice taken from

What this means for your child is:
  • Sun...

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Knowsley Safari Park Trip

Posted by Dawn Heaps on Tuesday, July 9, 2013,

Oh what a day we have had today!! The sun was shining brightly but the smiles shone even brighter as we experienced the magic of being up close to the animals.

The lion enclosure was especially magical today as the pride had just been fed when we arrived so the children got to see them eating and playing together. The cubs were very playful, jumping on each other and their mothers. The children were thrilled when the pride moved and came alongside the car, enabling them to really see the lion...
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About Me

I have a BA in Early Years. I also hold two professional degrees from my previous careers in Careers Guidance and Radiography. I do have Maths and English at 'O' Level Grade C - not that this better enables me to educate children but it is what the government seems to hold dear. I am an active member of the PACEY, a Lead Child Minder for Wigan Local Authority (supporting other child minders) and am accreditted on my local network to offer the early years entitlement. I love to learn and find it difficult to stop myself from taking on training and further education. But I hope my love of learning is passed on to all the children in my care as well as to my own daughter.