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Time to play.....Time to watch

Posted by Dawn Heaps on Saturday, May 18, 2013,
Just wanted to share something that happened the other day when I sat back and did nothing.... the children I thought played separately from each other surprised me when they played co-operatively, creating a wonderful game that had them both laughing that belly laugh that makes you laugh along with them.

It wasn't a normal day as I had a horrible headache and the wonderful sunny weather I had planned for had once again disappeared. With the need to sit quietly yet still wanting the children t...
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About Me

I have a BA in Early Years. I also hold two professional degrees from my previous careers in Careers Guidance and Radiography. I do have Maths and English at 'O' Level Grade C - not that this better enables me to educate children but it is what the government seems to hold dear. I am an active member of the PACEY, a Lead Child Minder for Wigan Local Authority (supporting other child minders) and am accreditted on my local network to offer the early years entitlement. I love to learn and find it difficult to stop myself from taking on training and further education. But I hope my love of learning is passed on to all the children in my care as well as to my own daughter.