Hot Weather Plan!!

Posted by Dawn Heaps on Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hi all,

Whilst we are all thankful that we seem to be getting a warm summer this year, the current high temperatures do mean we have to be extra careful and aware of safety in the sun.

At Little Rays we take the safety and well being of the children very seriously, as such we are implementing our summer safety policy with advice taken from

What this means for your child is:
  • Sun screen will be applied before every outdoor activity and re-applied throughout the day as needed/recommended. Please provide a suitable sun screen for your child, within expiry dates, or if you wish your child to use the sun screen provided by myself please sign the permission slips.


  • Clothing will be appropriate for the weather and activity, which may mean that clothing is removed in the setting and in the garden areas. Please ensure you provide extra clothing for your child that is appropriate for the current temperatures as we will be playing with water a lot :)).


  • Hats will be worn during outdoor activities. If not provided the children will be provided with a hat or, if none available, the children will be unable to access outdoor activities.


  • Fresh, cool drinking water will be constantly available in the children's own sports bottles or water bottles.


  • Children may be given ice lollies/ ice creams during outdoor play and trips. If you do not wish your child to have ice lollies/ ice creams please let me know and iced water can be given as an alternative.


  • Nappies will be changed more frequently.


  • We will encourage children to play in shaded areas however, children may be asked to stay indoors during the hottest parts of the day if it is felt that the temperatures outdoors are too high for safe play.

High temperatures effect everyone differently but children under the age of 4yrs are more susceptible to adverse effects of extreme temperatures. Whilst every step is taken to ensure children remain safe in the heat, I will be very vigilant to your child's physical and emotional signs. I will inform parents immediately if I have any concerns that a child may be experiencing any heat related difficulties and follow paediatric first aid recommendations for the treatment of heat stress/exhaustion.

I hope we will, through following my setting's policy, be able to fully enjoy the current sunny weather safely and that your children will learn the importance of being safe in the sun.



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